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1. Quality assurance and after-sales service

(1) Product quality guarantee period: starting from the date of acceptance, free repairs or replacement parts are provided for product quality problems within the time specified in the contract.

(2) After-sales service content Our company provides users with the following technical support services during the quality guarantee period:

1. Service requirements during the quality guarantee period

(1) Telephone consultation

Provide users with technical assistance calls, answer the problems encountered by users in use, and promptly propose methods and suggestions to solve problems for users.

(2) On-site response

If the user encounters usage and technical problems that cannot be solved by telephone consultation, our company will respond within 1 hour, take corresponding measures or provide on-site service to ensure that the product works normally; if it cannot be solved within 4 hours, it can be within 24 hours Provide door-to-door service to ensure that users can use it normally.

(3) Technology upgrade

During the warranty period, if our company's product technology is upgraded, the company will notify the purchaser in time. If the purchaser has corresponding requirements, our company shall provide upgrade services to the purchaser.

2. Out-of-warranty service requirements

(1) After the quality guarantee period, our company shall also provide free telephone consultation services and promise to provide on-site product maintenance services.

(2) After the quality guarantee period, if the purchaser needs to continue to provide after-sales service by our company, the company will provide after-sales service at a preferential price.

(3) Failure response time requires our company to respond immediately after receiving a notice of a problem with the user’s product, and arrive at the scene for processing within 24 hours.

2. Training

Our company provides free basic training for the purchaser's users, so that the purchaser's users can operate normally. And do the following:

(1) Explain the structure and working principle of the company's high-frequency melting sample machine, as well as the characteristics of high-frequency heating, especially the influence of temperature difference on the reproducibility of the sample, and the solution to eliminate the influence

Deciding method.

(2) Briefly explain the principle and method of borate fusion and mold release agent fusion sample preparation.

(3) Make the operator aware of the maintenance of the platinum gold crucible moulding utensils to avoid economic losses caused by improper use.

(4) Enable the operator to fully understand the characteristics of high-frequency heating, temperature adjustment and temperature control methods,

(5) Make the operator learn to set up different programs according to different samples.

(6) Enable the operator to flexibly master the formula, sample melting method and skills suitable for the sample.

(7) To enable the operator to learn to recognize the characteristics of the molten sample waste, determine the cause of the waste and the method to overcome the waste.

(8) Allow the operator to make samples with uniform appearance and color, smooth, and bubble-free, and can be tested by the fluorometer to obtain qualified samples with good reproducibility.

(9) Let the operator know the importance of equipment maintenance, as well as the main points, measures and methods of equipment maintenance.

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