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Analysis of the advantages of XRF "Guiheng" high-frequency sample melting furnace

1. Stirring system: Stirring function is an important technical indicator of sample melting equipment: a good stirring effect can shorten the stirring time to improve efficiency or achieve low-temperature sample melting as much as possible.

2. Temperature measurement and temperature adjustment function: infrared instrument temperature measurement, temperature control function and temperature adjustment method to ensure the reproducibility of sample preparation.

3. Specialty in high-frequency technology: R&D and production of high-frequency power supply "Guiheng", all crucibles are independent transformers and power supplies.

4. No wearing parts: use high-temperature alloy materials to replace refractory or ceramic materials; the shape of the induction coil is different and there is a protective structure that is not easy to break.

5. No noise: The parts and components of the equipment are carefully selected and designed.

6. The price of stainless steel folding door stay is 10 times higher, but it is very safe and reliable.

7. The centrifugal fan has large suction force and low noise.

8. There are isolation measures in the host. Corrosive gases will not enter the high-frequency power supply, the circuit board of the PLC control system and the original electrical components in the equipment, which prolongs the use.

9. The condensate (corrosive) structure formed by the exhaust gas is specially set up.

10. A veritable made in China! From the outside to the inside, the technology of "Guiheng" is different from and superior to similar equipment at home and abroad!

11. Combined structure: It is simple to replace parts and components, and it is convenient for remote telephone to assist in maintenance.

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