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Centrifugal casting remelting furnace GHJ-GC
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Centrifugal casting remelting furnace GHJ-GC


Metal melting furnace

Centrifugal casting sample melting furnace "Remelting Furnace"

In the fields of modern metal production and processing, alloy research, casting, metallurgy, and new material research and development, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and spark scattering spectroscopy have been used for many years. The sample for analysis needs a certain shape and dimensions. For various metals in powder, crumb, granular, massive and columnar shapes, such as non-ferrous metals, ferroalloys, high-quality alloys and other metals, they need to be remelted to prepare samples. .

The advantages of high-frequency induction heating method remelting technology are that sample preparation is fast, accurate, almost no material loss, simple operation, good repeatability, and low cost.

If it is melted under the condition of vacuum and inert gas positive pressure protection, there will be no material loss or oxidation, and the sample will be uniform. PLC controlled remelting and automatic centrifugal casting sample preparation can eliminate the interference factors of personnel operation. Compared with conventional sample preparation methods, it has many advantages. It has the advantages of good repeatability, small loss of sample components, and fast preparation speed.

Therefore, the centrifugal casting method for remelting samples is the best method. Other molding methods will lose the necessary conditions for sealing and melting, and at the same time add additional operations.

All operating functions require safety control, and operating parameters can be accurately displayed. Operating functions include vacuum control, gas flow rate and pressure safety, heating high frequency control, holding time, casting time, cooling water flow, overload protection, overload temperature setting, etc.

The samples prepared when using X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and spark scattering spectroscopy analysis need certain shapes and dimensions. The application and development of crucibles are mainly in 4 aspects: reusable and pollution-free melting crucibles, high temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, and different geometric shapes Crucible. At present, the materials used in crucibles are mainly SiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2 or TiO2. These materials can withstand high temperatures of 1800ºC in a short period of time. These materials are sufficient for high-performance alloys and high melting point materials.

1. Metal melting furnace

Domestic Status Quo of Centrifugal Casting "Remelting Furnace"

1. Centrifugal casting is the best method for remelting samples. Before that, the domestic market was all foreign equipment such as Germany, Japan and Australia.

2. The choice of suitable crucible material and crucible shape also needs to be imported. Because the crucible needs high temperature resistance, heat shock resistance and no pollution to the sample when in use, it has been used for more than ten years to use the ceramic crucible made by the German Liheng heat manufacturer .

3. Domestic military industry enterprises and military research institutes are also subject to procurement restrictions.

4. Because the imported equipment and consumables are expensive, it is difficult for users to communicate and communicate with the application technology during use, which seriously affects the use of equipment and the promotion of technology.

5. Imported equipment takes a long time to repair, and the repair cost is extremely high.

6. The high-frequency heating frequency of the German remelting furnace is too high, exceeding the national standard: Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulation GB8702-1988.

2. "Guiheng" metal melting furnace

(Centrifugal Casting Sample Furnace Remelting Furnace) Introduction

1. The metal smelting furnace (centrifugal casting remelting furnace) is a special equipment for sample preparation of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and direct reading spectrometer. Samples can be re-melted within a certain size range.

2. The centrifugal casting method is to throw the molten sample into a mold of a certain shape and size and a suitable material by centrifugal rotation. The advantage of the centrifugal casting method is that the gas in the mold can be eliminated so that the sample does not have blisters or bubbles; and there is no manual casting operation error (such as temperature error and time error), which ensures good sample reproducibility; it can ensure that the entire sample preparation process is It is done in vacuum and protective gas.

3. The entire sample preparation process is safe and reliable. The operator puts the sample, closes the door cover, sets the program, and clicks the start button to automatically complete the sample preparation before opening the door cover.

4. The materials or shapes of various crucibles and molds are designed, produced and used by our company according to the conditions of sample melting and absorbing foreign advanced and mature experience. The ceramic crucibles and graphite crucibles designed and produced by us are resistant to high temperature and Thermal shock, ceramic crucibles with a variety of materials and shapes greatly reduce the cost of sample preparation.

5. The flux is pure iron or all samples.

6. In the process of melting the sample, it has the function of vacuuming and adding argon to protect the sample from oxidation.

7. Touch screen operation and PLC control system: After setting the sample melting program, the entire sample melting process is automatically completed.

8. The high-frequency power supply is produced by our company. The high-frequency frequency is lower than the imported equipment, and the frequency is as low as possible without affecting the sample preparation effect to protect the human health of the operator.

Note: The frequency of use of the equipment advertised by Germany Liheng Hot is 0.9-2 MHz!

3. Model: GHJ-GC technical parameters

Power supply


Maximum output power


Oscillation frequency range


Current adjustment range


Time adjustment range


Cooling water pressure


Program storage


Sample preparation speed


Sample volume at one time


The maximum temperature of the melt

1650℃short time1800

Rotation speed range.


Turning radius


Working atmosphere of melting room

Vacuum + argon protection


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4. Pictures of equipment and auxiliary materials

Figure 1. Shape of centrifugal casting furnace (remelting furnace)


Figure 2. Centrifugal casting sample melting furnace (remelting furnace) working room


Figure 3: Crucible and sample