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Two pots and two molds automatic casting sample melting furnace (machine) GH-2ZC
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Two pots and two molds automatic casting sample melting furnace (machine) GH-2ZC


XRF high frequency automatic casting furnace (machine)


Desktop automatic casting studio

"Guiheng" XRF high frequency automatic casting furnace (machine)

1. Equipment structure and working principle

The XRF high frequency automatic casting sample melting furnace (machine) is composed of four parts: heating system, control system, mechanical system, and water cooling system. The working principle of each system is briefly described as follows:

1. High frequency heating system:

After the 220V grid power is rectified and filtered, it becomes a 310V DC power supply. After high-speed switching of a high-power field effect tube (MOS tube), the DC power supply becomes a high-frequency current of 50-80KHZ, and then passes through the output in the LC series resonance circuit. The transformer is isolated, and the high-frequency current that is transformed into a low-voltage and large-current is delivered to an inductor manufactured in a certain shape, and the platinum crucible is heated by the alternating magnetic field formed by the high-frequency and large-current.

2. Control system:

        Touch screen display and operation, using PLC control system, there are more than 10 kinds of programs for users to store. The user only needs to set up according to the melting requirements of the sample, and then lightly press to start the sample preparation process.

3. Mechanical system:

Automatic casting: It is the design of the mechanical system and the control system, that is, the stirring method of the crucible is "centrifugal variable speed rotation + forward and reverse rotation". The crucible changes from stop-centrifugal slow rotation-centrifugal fast rotation-centrifugal slow rotation-stop. This continuous change makes the sample and flux change irregularly to achieve the purpose of mixing. The stirring method has been awarded the national utility model applicable patent.

   The entire mechanical system consists of four actions:

    Action 1. The sensor rises from the origin, and the sample starts to heat and melt.

    Action 2. After melting, perform "centrifugal variable speed rotation" stirring, and the crucible continues to be heated to maintain a constant temperature. When the stirring is over, the sensor drops back to the original point.

    Action 3. The crucible is moved to the top of the mold.

    Action 4. The crucible is overturned to complete a sample preparation. Then the crucible is turned back to the level, and then moved to the top of the sensor.

4. Cooling part:

       Composed of multi-stage stainless steel water pump (no noise), water tank and exhaust fan, the cooling water system requires inlet temperature: 5-45℃; water quality: PH value 7-8.5; hardness not more than 60mg/L; conductivity less than 500VA/mm3; Water inlet pressure: 1×105 Pa—3×105Pa, through water cooling to ensure the normal operation of electrical components in the equipment.


2. Common features of high-frequency sample melting furnace

1. Convenient to use: It is ready to use without preheating and keeping warm. It can rise from room temperature to over 1000℃ in 30 seconds, which is especially suitable for users who make intermittent samples.

2. Fast sample preparation: fast heating speed can realize rapid sample preparation, a batch of samples can be made in about 10 minutes, and it can work continuously for 24 hours.

3. Safety and environmental protection: The setting of exhaust air function to remove exhaust gas and no large-area heat radiation is beneficial to the health of the operator (magnetic radiation is lower than the national standard: GB8702-1988).

4. Low follow-up costs: no expensive consumables, no need to replace heating elements, refractory materials, or overhaul the furnace.

5. Good energy-saving effect: only heating crucibles and molds, no useless work such as preheating, heat preservation and slow heating, can save a considerable amount of electricity bills every year.

6. Less amount of platinum and gold: The same output of other heating equipment can be achieved with a small amount of crucible and mold.

7. Equipment protection: There are fault protection functions for water shortage, overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature to prevent the expansion of faults.

3. "Guiheng" XRF high-frequency automatic casting furnace (machine) parameters

Device model


Power supply


Maximum output power

2×4KW(Melting and forming power output power)

Oscillation frequency range


Current adjustment range


Time adjustment range


Cooling water pressure


Sample volume per batch


Program storage


The maximum temperature of the melt (specific conditions)


Heating rate


Forming method

Automatic casting

Rotation speed range★


Rotation radius range★


Infrared temperature measurement range


Temperature control accuracy


The overall dimensions of the main unit length x width x height


Overall dimensions of water tank length x width x height


Host net weight



Note: The "★" mark is a unique technical parameter of our company and has a patent.

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